2024 MadJax


Experience the 2024 Vivid Orange Metallic MadJax X-Series GEN 2, a top-of-the-line golf cart designed for both performance and luxury. With a powerful ECO lithium battery and advanced features, this cart ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride at speeds over 25 mph.


  • ECO Lithium Battery: Efficient and long-lasting power.
  • 25+ MPH: High-speed capability for quick and smooth rides.
  • 3 Year Warranty: Comprehensive protection for your investment.
  • 4 Seat with Flip-Flop Rear Seat: Versatile seating for extra cargo space and convenience.
  • 10” Display Screen: Easy access to cart information and controls.
  • Backup Camera: Enhanced safety and maneuverability.
  • AM/FM Radio, Bluetooth, USB: Multiple entertainment options for a pleasant ride.
  • Premium Seats: Superior comfort and style.
  • Reliance AC Motor: Advanced technology for superior performance.
  • Street Legal: Ideal for both golf courses and neighborhood streets.
  • Golf Package Included: Equipped with features tailored for golfing needs.
Model Year
Vivid Orange




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Every West Valley Edition Golf Cart is thoughtfully reconstructed from the foundation up, merging exceptional craftsmanship with cutting-edge features for a ride that's in a class of its own. Boasting striking aesthetics and seamless performance, this edition offers more than a simple trip—it delivers an adventure rich in comfort and elegance. Whether you're navigating the fairways or enjoying a leisurely drive in your community, the West Valley Edition Golf Cart is crafted to turn every journey into an unforgettable experience.

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